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Climatic has the latest state of the art equipment for air duct cleaning. Many people do not realize the amount of dirt and dust that they breathe in everyday. A duct system is similar to another room in a home. Consider a room that does not ever get cleaned. Over time, dust starts to accumulate and it will need to be cleaned. One of the number one causes of poor air quality in a home is the heating and cooling system. Climatic's expert technicians are trained in evaluating the ducts and making sure that the system is as efficient as possible to improve the health of you and your family and also reduce your energy costs.  If air ducts are not properly maintained, it can cause heating and cooling components to be more contaminated.  Another problem with air ducts can be moisture in ducts which can also lead to mold problems. Climatic's expert NAMP certified technicians will be able to detect for mold and recommend the best solution.

Why choose Climatic for your air duct cleaning?

We want our customers to be satisfied with the results of all of our services.  An option that can be added on to your duct cleaning package is a fiber-optic camera that gets sent into the duct and inspect the ducts for dirt, mold and any debris. There is also a video that can be taken for before and after inspection. This will give our customers reassurance that the job is getting done and there are visual results. After the ducts are cleaned, we also can use a special microbial product in the ducts that will kill any mold and bacteria it also prevents regrowth.